Members of Legislative Assembly

Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan

Position: Prime Minister, Azad Jammu & Kashmir
Contact : 0300-9508130

Minister Revenue and Rehabilitation

Position: Minister Revenue and Rehabilitation
Contact: 0344-5843138

Shah Ghulam Qadir

Position: Speaker Legislative Assembly AJ&K
Contact: 0333-5138112

Ch. Masood Khalid

Position: MLA
Contact :0300-9544333

Chaudhry Abdul Majeed

Position: MLA

Ch. Muhammad Saeed

Position: MLA
Contact: 0300-5008008

Rukhsar Ahmed

Position: MLA
Contact :0300-9522297

Waqar Ahmed Noor

Position: MLA

Ali Shan Chaudhry

Position: MLA
Contact: 0300-6209216

Malik Muhammad Nawaz Khan

Position: MLA
Contact :0300-5190110

Raja Naseer Ahmad Khan

Position: MLA
Contact: 0346-5150601

Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan

Position: MLA
Contact: 0300-8568001

Ch. Muhammad Yasin Gulshan

Position: MLA
Contact :0312-4455022

Sardar Khan Bahadur Khan

Position: MLA
Contact: 03465467203

Khalid Ibrahim Khan

Position: MLA
Contact: 03015555360

Muhammad Saghir Khan

Position: MLA
Contact :0333-5204230

Chaudhry Shazad Mehmood

Position: MLA

Raja Abdul Qayyum Khan

Position: MLA
Contact: 0300-5025527

Mustafa Bashir Abbasi

Position: MLA
Contact :0300-5151961

Nasir Hussain Dar

Position: MLA
Contact: 0321-9475354

Chaudhry Muhammad Ismail

Position: MLA
Contact: 0300-9641110

Muhammad Ishaq

Position: MLA
Contact :0321-7117887

Mian Muhammad Yasir Rasheed

Position: MLA
Contact: 0321-3222267

Chaudhry Javed Akhtar

Position: MLA

Raja Muhammad Siddique

Position: MLA
Contact :0300-9502357

Amir Abdul Ghaffar

Position: MLA
Contact: 0300-9206927

Ghulam Mohhi ud Din Dewan

Position: MLA

Syed Shoukat Ali Shah

Position: MLA
Contact :0333-5103371

Asad Aleem Shah

Position: MLA
Contact: 0323-7009700

Muhammad Ahmed Raza Qadri

Position: MLA
Contact: 0300-8509622

Abdul Majid Khan

Position: MLA
Contact :0321-8550975

Mrs.Riffat Aziz

Position: MLA
Contact: 0332-5836539

Mrs. Sehrish Qamar

Position: MLA
Contact: 0300-5559502

Mrs.Shazia Akbar Ch.

Position: MLA
Contact :0300-5548490

Mrs. Faiza Imtiaz

Position: MLA
Contact: 0300-5054855

Mrs.Naseema Khatoon

Position: MLA
Contact: 0344-5107098

Syed Muhammad Ali Raza Bukhari

Position: MLA
Contact :0300-5151054

Javed Iqbal

Position: MLA
Contact: 0300-4440333

Abdul Rashid Turabi

Position: MLA
Contact: 0300-8505298

Ch. Tariq Farooq

Position: Senior Minister for, Physical Planning & housing, Agriculture & Live Stock
Contact :0300-5142353

Raja Nisar Ahmed Khan

Position: Minister Law, Parliamentarian affairs, Justice and Human Rights, Electricity
Contact: 0345-8558556

Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas

Position: Minister Information, Tourism and Information Technology
Contact: 0331-5450001

Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Naqi Khan

Position: Minister Treasury, Planning & Development and Public Health
Contact :0300-9555592

Sardar Farooq Ahmed Tahir

Position: Deputy Speaker Legislative Assembly Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Contact: 0333-5129336

Mohtarma Noreen Arif

Position: Position: Minister Industries, labor, Mineral Resources, Social Welfare and Women Development
Contact: 0300-9149091

Syed Iftakhar Ali Gillani

Position: Minister Higher Education, Elementary & Secondary Education, Muzaffarabad City Development Project
Contact : 0300-5555561